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Standardization of various aspects of Postal services to improve interoperability and quality of services in the postal value chain.

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Standardization of various aspects of Postal services, including the measurement of quality of service, hybrid mail, (automatic) identification and tracing of mail items, parcel and letter boxes, address data in order to increase the interoperability of postal networks and to improve the quality of service.

Published Standards

The work of CEN/TC 331 reflects the developments in the postal market and takes into account the needs of all stakeholders in the postal supply chain.

Postal registered electronic mail

This Technical Specification constitutes the functional specification of a secure electronic postal service, ...

Secured electronic postal services (SePS)

This document specifies a standard XML interface that will enable software applications to ...

Electronic Postal Certification Mark (EPCM)

This document specifies a secured electronic postal service, referred to as the Electronic ...

XML definition of encapsulation of letters

The purpose of this Technical Specification is to define the syntax rules for ...

Electronic advanced data (EAD)

This document provides the semantic mapping description of information on the characteristics or ...

Open global networks and systems

The current and future infrastructure to satisfy the changing needs of citizens in ...

Everyone benefits from a standardized postal value chain.


A greater level of interoperability between operators along the postal value chain.


Provide cross-border, well tested postal solutions that make the postal network more accessible.


Improved quality of services, transparency for consumers and cost effective delivery solutions.


Swift development of new services through a foundation of proven and standardized solutions.

Standards are created together

Standards are created by all parties concerned