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Postal services – Quality of service – Information available on postal services

CEN/TS 15511:2008




In applying the European postal directives (97/67/CE and 2002/39/CE), standards regarding the quality of service are to be set and published in relation to the universal services. With the development of the internal market, these standards aim to ensure a better quality of universal services in Europe.
In this context, a project team was mandated (mandate M/312) by the European commission to develop a European standard or standards relating to the quality of access to postal services and to the quality of postal delivery. The work item was under the control of CEN technical committee 331. A report was produced by the project team which identified information availability with regard to access and delivery as a priority for standard development.
This Technical Specification is intended to provide a measurement methodology to assess information availability using desk research and a Mystery Shopper Approach. The Technical Specification does not intend to impose service commitments.
Information is considered to be one of the key steps in accessing postal services and postal users need to have information available on the proposed services as well as the applicable conditions for access. Increasing the level of information available will inevitably reduce complaints, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and higher overall customer loyalty.

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