Interface and data transfer format

Postal services – Interface and data transfer format for capturing postal automation events IDT-PAE

CEN/TS 16919:2016




An IDT-PAE interface enables interoperability among several systems and processes by providing specifications to the following requirements:
a) Data Collection and Transfer: Specification of data transported from the devices to higher level systems. There may be more than one permissible protocol referring to different OSI layers. The standard will define where the communication requires polling and where asynchronous messages are used.
The basis is messages triggered by events.
b) Data Storage and Format: Specification how data is formatted and structured. This concerns the choice between XML, CSV, EDI, JSON and other formats including possible binary representations.
c) Data Model: Specification of the semantics (meanings) behind the data. This is the most important part and the one of the most important objectives for the specification. This means that conceptual data model and its mapping to the Data Format will be developed. Major focus on specifications level of detail will be placed in order to provide a document that will provide detailed specification information without being too general or too specific.

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