Online connected, opening systems for parcel receptacles

Postal services — Digital, optional online connected, opening and closing system for parcel receptacles for home use with free access for the delivery and collection operators and consumers

CEN/TS 17457:2020




The objective of this document is to define the framework for secure, trustworthy and user-friendly opening systems for parcel boxes for home use. Particular attention is given to facilitating secure electronic authentication of the delivery operator. This document exists considering the Standardization request M/548 from the European Commission and it aims to solve the lack of operability between parcel box manufacturers and delivery operators.
Therefore, this document describes the minimal requirements of a digital, optional online connected, opening and closing system for parcel boxes and prerequisites to create favourable conditions of interoperability between all market participants.
This document is designed to fit with solutions already on the market and define the good practices and pathway for future systems. It adopts an approach which is open to innovation. It is expected to be possible to achieve the necessary requirements through different technologies.
The systems of opening rights are intended to open parcel boxes as defined in CEN/TS 16819. However, the specification is extended to other receptacle solutions, in the frame of the home use (e.g. garage door, bags, etc.), when these receptacle solutions are compliant with the requirements of CEN/TS 16819 when the case allows.

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