Method for measurement of parcel transit time

Postal services – Method for measurement of parcel transit time for cross-border parcels within the European Union and EFTA using Tracking and Tracing

CEN/TS 15472:2016




Method for measurement of parcel transit time for cross-border parcels is mainly from an e-merchant perspective, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Based on an earlier study, the method will be based on events of the track and trace process.
Events used need to be kept simple and transparent for the measurement of the complex matrix of the flows between European countries.
The last part of the process (delivery options) is dependent on the country and on its historical development of postal and logistic operators – this part of the logistics process is currently too complex for simple measurement. Therefore the Technical Specification (TS) will focus on the main part of the process: from entrance (hand over) in the logistics chain to the first attempt of delivery.
The Technical Specification should:
– be technically and supplier neutral;
– not be limited to postal operators but open to all operators transporting parcels;
– take into account events relevant for the customer’s (sender or receiver) needs;
– define calculation rules;
– be easy to implement.
This Technical Specification does not set quality of service standards or targets.

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